To acquire new service:

To establish water service you will need to fill out a water service application and the sign user agreement. These forms are available in the office.  Please bring your picture ID, copy of renter’s agreement or deed to the property.

Establishing service for a property that does not have a water meter for your use, you will be charged for the installation of a meter and a customer meter deposit.

If establishing service for a property that has a water meter for your use, then only a customer meter deposit will be charged.

The charges for a meter installation and/or meter deposit are to be paid at time of application.

Customer meter deposit is: $150.00

This deposit will stay in your account until you have service disconnected and applied to your final bill.  Any credit will be mailed to you at your forwarding address.

Installation charge:
3/4 inch water meter is $1,260.00,
one-inch water meter is $1,560.00.
***This charge is not refundable.

Installation of meters larger than one inch: cost will be determined at time of application.

Installation of a water meter on State Highway 11, which requires a state permit and other restrictions: cost will be determined at time of application.

Termination of Service

When a customer requests a termination of service, he/she must notify Fosters-Ralph Water. Upon notification, we will complete a disconnect order, turn off the meter, and take a final reading.

We will apply the customer meter deposit to the final bill and refund the credit will be sent to the customer at their forwarding address.